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Metal Explosion-Proof Flooring Engineering Case

Nov. 12, 2019

————China Millennium Monument

Underground Garage Project

China Millennium Monument was established in 1997 as a major national project. In 2000, Beijing Jinke Company undertook its underground garage project.  For safety reasons, the three floors of the underground garage were all constructed in accordance with the requirements of war preparation garages, and the ground requirements were very strict: the normal ground load was not more than 200kPa during use. However, the ground of the combat readiness depot was required to be able to withstand repeated rolling by tracked vehicles, and the ground load is not less than 500kPa.

Metal Explosion-Proof Flooring Engineering Case

As the common concrete couldn’t meet the engineering requirements of the project, Beijing Jinke Company finally chose NFJ metal aggregate heavy-duty flooring as the ground material.

The metal aggregate selected for NFJ heavy-load floor was specially treated to enhance the ability of individual aggregate to bear heavy loads.  The ground surface layer used scientifically graded materials to maximize the mechanical properties of the surface layer. Since it was put into use, no damage to the ground surface layer had been found.

Metal Explosion-Proof Flooring Engineering Case

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