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In 2019

The Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China ruled that NFJ is a trademark of Beijing Jinke Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
An exclusive interview with Beijing jinke composite materials co., ltd by 《standardization engineering construction》magazine.
Beijing jinke co., ltd. was invited as the chief editor to draft 《technical regulations for explosion-proof ground application》, 《technical regulations for metal anti-static wear-resistant flame-retardant ground application》 and 《technical regulations for heavy-duty ground application》.

In 2018

In order to adapt to Beijing's resignation policy, Beijing jinke composite materials co., ltd vacated and moved to Huailai county, Hebei province.

In 2017

The first atlas of underground utility tunnel in China is published. NFJ metal aggregate is incorporated into 17GL201 《Cast-in-situ concrete utility tunnel》.

In 2016

Beijing Jinke Company began to apply for the first international patent.

In 2015

Successfully developed microporous cermet.

In 2014

《NFJ Heavy Duty Floor Material》Enterprise Standard Formally Implemented;
The first atlas of flammable and explosive areas in China is published. NFJ metal aggregates are incorporated into the atlas of national building standards. Practice 14J938, 《Building Structures for Anti-explosion and Explosion-relief Doors and Windows and Roof Walls》is adopted to prevent (anti-explosion) floor surface parts.
NFJ Dust Suppression Agent successfully studied and entered the market.

In 2013

Successfully applied for national invention patents 《A light porous ferrous metal friction material and its preparation method》, 《A metal antirust misfire antistatic wear resistant impact resistant ground material and its preparation》.
The enterprise standard of 《NFJ Explosion-proof Floor Material》 was formally implemented.
In order to solve the problem of sewage treatment, the activated iron research project was officially started.

In 2010

The company won the high-tech products recommended by the UN Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo.
Beijing Jinke paid in capital increase to 15 Million.
The high temperature furnace was moved to Shacheng Industrial Park in Huailai County for production.
Inorganic high temperature secondary adhesive developed successfully.
Beijing Jinke was named the "top ten suppliers of brake pad raw materials/equipment" by China brake pad industry association.

In 2009

Laboratory of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics entered Beijing Jinke Factory.

In 2008

NFJ metal aggregate was listed in the ground practice section of antistatic building of national building standard design atlas practice 08J907 《Building Structure of Clean Factory Building》.

In 2006

Beijing jinke composition material co., ltd. materials research institute was established, which is mainly responsible for the technical development, technical service and technical consultation of metal materials, nonmetal materials and composite materials.
Beijing jinke shengshi trading co., ltd was established, which was mainly responsible for the trade sales of NFJ products at home and abroad.
Enterprise standard of《NFJ Metal Ultra-hard Anti-rust and Wear-resistant Aggregate Material》was formally implemented.

In 2005

The National Architectural Standard Design Atlas Practice 05J909 《Engineering Practice》 was officially published and distributed.

In 2004

After many deliberations by the expert group, the China building standards design and research institute agreed to include NFJ series flooring products produced by Beijing jinke composite materials co., ltd. in the floor part of the atlas of national building standards design 《Engineering Practice》.

In 2002

Approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the "NFJ" trademark was successfully registered. (approved trademark category 6: metal aggregate wear-resistant flooring).

In 2001

Beijing jinwanke decorative engineering co., ltd was established, which was mainly responsible for the sales, construction and after-sales service of NFJ flooring series materials.
Beijing jinwanke powder metallurgy products co., ltd was established, which was mainly responsible for manufacturing and selling powder metallurgy products, metal sand and braking materials.

In 2000

Beijing Jinke Composite Material Co., Ltd. relocated for the first time, chose the address and relocated to 1,000 meters west of railway cargo Shahe station. It is now an industrial park in Dongyi Village, sha he, Changping District, Beijing.
Since Bosch, Honeywell, Federal Mogul, Morse entered the Chinese market, we built long-term cooperation relationship until now.

In 1999

In response to the state's call to separate collective enterprises from individual enterprises, Beijing jinke composition materials co., ltd was formally established. The paid-in registered capital is 6 million yuan.

In 1996

Beijing Jinke Co., Ltd. and China Academy of Railway Science jointly developed modified bauxite; it was the friction material for increasing the speed of quasi-high-speed railway, which is the predecessor of high-speed railway.
Beijing Jinke Company independently developed passivation reduction furnace and put it into production.

In 1994

NFJ Metal Abrasion Resistant and Rust Resistant Metal Aggregate Won National Science and Technology Achievement Award.
NFJ metal aggregate anti-static and non-ignition floor is applied in the dangerous goods warehouse of Capital Airport.
Independent research and development of boiler water deaeration filter material.

In 1991

Beijing Jinke Company used NFJ metal aggregate as floor material for the first time in the computer room of Beijing Liangmahe Building.
NFJ Metal Aggregate Won National New Product Award.

In 1990

The Shahe Iron Powder Processing Plant in Changping Beijing was separated from the No.1 Wire Rod Factory of Capital Steel Company and began to produce foamy iron powder; foamy iron powder was the predecessor of porous reinforcement materials.
Beijing Changping Shahe Iron Powder Processing Factory became the Only Production Unit of Rust-Proof Metal Particle Aggregate.

In 1989

The composite antirust treatment method and product of metal wear-resistant granular aggregate had applied for national patent. Metal wear-resistant aggregate was the predecessor product of flooring material.

In 1987

The scientific research achievements of antirust metal particle aggregate had been transformed into a plurality of application products. For example: friction sealing brake material, flooring material, etc.

In 1986

China Academy of Railway Science had successfully developed a kind of antirust metal particle aggregate.

In 1985

Beijing Changping Shahe Iron Powder Processing Factory was set up as a subsidiary of Capital Steel Company's No.1 Wire Rod Factory. It mainly used waste materials as raw materials to produce metallurgical powder products. Then the raw materials were processed until the friction sealing braking material was obtained.
At beginning, we produced reduced iron powder, powder metallurgy products and friction sealing materials, provided for chemical industry.
The nature of the enterprise was a collective enterprise with a registered capital of 30,000 yuan. Owned independent R & D production equipment—high temperature smelting furnace, magnetic separator, granulator, etc.

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