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  • NFJ-06A (Metal explosion-proof flooring material)

  • NFJ-06A (Metal explosion-proof flooring material)

  • NFJ-06A (Metal explosion-proof flooring material)

  • NFJ-06A (Metal explosion-proof flooring material)

  • NFJ-06A (Metal explosion-proof flooring material)

  • NFJ-06A (Metal explosion-proof flooring material)

  • NFJ-06A (Metal explosion-proof flooring material)

  • NFJ-06A (Metal explosion-proof flooring material)

NFJ-06A (Metal explosion-proof flooring material)

NFJ-06A metal explosion-proof floor material is a new type of metal aggregate with high wear resistance and antistatic property. The aggregate has been treated with NFJ patented technology, which not only acts as filler, but also promotes the crystallization of cement stone, making the colloid become crystal or quasi-crystal, with secondary strengthening capability. Its metallographic structure is detailed as follows: its matrix is the pearlite, ferrite; its second phase is graphite, iron phosphide eutectic; therefore it can preferably bond with concrete and integrated as one without peeling off. Water cement ratio is small, compactness is high, and impermeability (water, oil) is strong.

Product Description

Explosion-proof flooring materials are designed to prevent the ignition of explosive gases, vapors, or dust in hazardous environments. These materials are crucial in industries such as petrochemicals, mining, pharmaceuticals, and military applications.

Upon the test and inspection of the National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Building Engineering Materials, the wear resistant performance on the NFJ-06A construction surface is better than that of artificial marble, emery, and other frequently used wear-resistant materials, and its abrasive resistance is 20 times that of cement mortar, and its fracture resistance, crush resistance, impact resistance, dry shrinkage resistance, seasoning crack resistance, expansion resistance, and durability are very better.

explosion-proof flooring material

Types of Explosion-Proof Flooring Materials:

Epoxy Coated Flooring

○ Properties: Epoxy coatings can be applied to concrete floors, creating a seamless, non-sparking surface.

○ Applications: Common in chemical plants, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities.

Polyurethane Flooring

○ Properties: Flexible, durable, and resistant to chemicals and abrasion.

○ Applications: Used in environments where chemical spills and mechanical wear are concerns.

Vinyl Flooring

○ Properties: Non-sparking, slip-resistant, and easy to clean.

○ Applications: Suitable for clean rooms, laboratories, and areas requiring strict hygiene standards.

Rubber Flooring

○ Properties: Provides excellent slip resistance and cushioning, non-conductive.

○ Applications: Ideal for electrical rooms, battery storage areas, and other spaces where static discharge is a risk.

Conductive Flooring

○ Properties: Specially designed to dissipate static electricity, preventing static buildup.

○ Applications: Electronics manufacturing, munitions plants, and other areas where static discharge could ignite explosive materials.

Stainless Steel Flooring

○ Properties: Highly durable, resistant to chemicals and fire, non-sparking.

○ Applications: Used in areas with heavy machinery and high risk of chemical spills or fire.

Application Scope

Through special treatment, NFJ-06A aggregates play not only the role of packing but also accelerate set cement to crystallize and make colloid become crystal or crystalloid, enabling them to have the second strengthening capability. Additionally, NFJ-06A aggregate after being treated by the dual high-composite anti-rust technology, has a permanent anti-rust capacity.

Places with high load, high wear resistance and high impact resistance

Places with higher explosion-proof requirements

The floor of the places with high electrostatic sensitivity

Places with higher oil permeability resistance

The locations that are risky of oil spilling and need the oil-proof shelters.

The product applies to the rebuilding of concrete ground.

Advantages And Features

The ex flooring material is of ultra-high rigidity and tenacity.

The appropriate particles and grading meet the ground requirements from smoothing to anti-slippery. Two functions of preventing electrostatics and flame-resistant, applicable to the explosive and flammable production areas and storage areas;

High surface density, high water/oil permeability resistance, anti-rust, saline-alkaline tolerance, and weak acid tolerance.

The product applies to the rebuilding of concrete ground.

The combustion level is Level A1.

The product may be synchronized with concrete pouring, and thus helpful to shorten the construction period.

NFJ-06A has stable electrical conductivity and the surface resistance of its anti-static test piece is up to 5 x104-1 x106Ω; its conductive, anti-static, and metallic powder has a longer service life, less heat conduction and surface hydration heat. Meanwhile, NFJ-06A satisfies the national standard for flame-retarded floor is the flame-retarded floor.

Metal Explosion-proof Flooring Material Specifications

Abrasive resistance0.016g/cm2 (gearing method)
Oil resistanceKeep the strength for oil bubble for 3years, Oil permeability <0.3mm (including anti-permeability)
Compressive strength (28D)92.2MPa
Rupture strength (28D)>17.5MPa (unbroken)
Tensile strength3.9MPa
Impact performance (28D)18MPa
Dry shrinkage value-0.751 x 10-3 (210d)
Hardness (Mohs)8
Rust resistance Resistant NaCL, NaOH, and other medium
Green and environmental protection floorWithout harmful radioactivity, harmful volatility, and pollution
High temperature resistance+200℃
Freezing resistance-40℃ (the test piece is flawless and has no loss corner defect even after being frozen and molten 25 times)(the strength loss rate is -7.3%) (-40℃)
Radon concentration ≤100Bq/m3Maximum value: 22.2
Air cleanlinessLevel 100,000
Slippery resistanceSame as ordinary cement ground 

Explosion-proof flooring materials are essential for maintaining safety in environments where explosive or flammable substances are present. By selecting the appropriate material and ensuring proper installation and maintenance, facilities can significantly reduce the risk of catastrophic incidents. Welcome to contact us!

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